Click on the "Registration Page" link here or on the home page.

After reading the information there, click on the "Online Registration" link.  This will take you to our jotform.com page to register.  Enter all the information.  You may choose either session in each time period.  If you don't feel like participating in a session for the time period, just pick one - maybe you'll change your mind!  The day only choice is for one day registrants.

If you are a day registrant you will choose either a session or the next day option.  You have to enter a choice for each time period on both days - but only select sessions on either Saturday OR Sunday.

When all your registraion information has been entered, click on the "Submit" button at the bottom of the form.  You will be taken to the PayPal page which handles all our credit card or PayPal payments.

You will recieve a confirmation email shortly after you register for EMF.

All sessions will be held using Zoom.  You will be sent links via your email for each session you register for.  Make sure you enter the correct email when you register or you will not receive your links. 

Emails with your links will be sent to you approximately two weeks before your sessions.  We suggest you create folders for these emails so they are easier to find on the day of your sessions.
Sessions will open about five minutes before the scheduled time.

At the scheduled time you will be placed into a "Breakout Room" for your specific session.  You may need to respond to a request to enter the room.  Your session will be held inside that "Breakout Room".

Your Instructor will decide how to handle the audio, etc. for their session.  A moderator will be assisting the Instructor by monitoring the "Chat" area for questions and problems.  During group musical playing you and your classmates will be "muted" which is why the chat area is important.

As a courtesy to others, please make sure you are in a quite room where you are likely not be interupted by family, pets, noisy vehicles and the like.  Please do not have a TV, radio or other music playing in the background.

Musical playing sessions will be muted.  If you have not experienced unmuted Zoom during musical experiences you have missed hearing the Tower of Babel.  Please don't unmute yourself while playing, it will disrupt the experience for everyone else.

The Instructor cannot unmute you.  Please click on your unmute button if requested by the Instructor or moderator.
Music for each session will be listed on a password protected web page.  You will be sent the link and password for the page once you are registered.  The reason for the password protected page is that this music is either not public domain or copyrighted and is not meant for public sharing.  Please respect the composers rights.

By "clicking" on your session/staff you will be taken to their list of music to be used in the session along with a set list.

Some music you may need to order, some will be provided as a .pdf file. 

Please print out or purchase the listed music.  It will make your experience better if you have the music in front of you during your session.  Even electronic files take a while to load and you will tend to be focused on the downloading process and not on what the leader is saying or doing with the music.

Pieces of music will be numbered in the order of the set list.  If you ensure your pieces are numbered, it will help you keep up with the session leader.

The Instuctor or Moderator might mute everyone when playing during the session.  You may be asked to unmute yourself when people are not playing.

Your Zoom image displays a name.  Sometimes, especially if you are new to Zoom, the name may not make sense.  Or, if you're on someone elses account, their name might be displayed.  You can change the name using the blue box at the upper right of your image.  Having the correct name displayed helps the Instructor or Moderator know who is talking or chatting.

You may be asked to "Stop" your video.  This is to reduce the lag time you may experience with Zoom.
It is helpful to understand how to manipulate the Zoom features before your session starts.  If you are unfamiliar with Zoom you can go to their website where they have many helpful videos to help you start.  Click HERE to open the Zoom video tutorial page.

You will have the best experience using Zoom on a desktop or laptop computer.  Tablets, Chromebooks, phones, etc. don't have all the features Zoom has to offer and they may limit your experience.

The Zoom tool bar is usually at the bottom of your page, however it can wind up at the top or sides.  You will find microphone and camera icons.  Clicking on these icons will mute and unmute either your audio or video feeds to others.  A red slash over the icon will indicate that your microphone or camera are off.

You can move your mouse over your Zoom image and a little blue box will appear.  This blue box will give some options such as "Unmute" and "Rename".

The tool bar also has a chat button.  Clicking on this button will show the chat box.  If someone is chatting an indication will show on the Chat button if your box is not open.  You can ask questions of the Instructor and Moderator using this chat feature.  The Instructor might also share electronic files or internet links with you using the chat feature.  Remember, if you chat, everyone else sees what you say!

You will also find a "Reactions" button on this tool bar.  It will have reactions such as thumbs up and applause which will show on your Zoom image for a brief period.  Your instructor may ask you to use these reactions when looking for a general class response.