David Echelard  Madrigals and rounds for all voices and instruments

Shelley Gruskin:  Homage to Our Feathered Friends: Music totally for the birds.
Eric Haas:   "Remember Me" Pierre Sandin's haunting chanson 'Doulce memoire' and related settings (a three part parody by Josquin Baston, and diminutions after Diego Ortiz and Antonio de Cabezòn). (Intermediate - Advanced)
Mark Davenport:  "LaNoue's Greatest Hits"
        Tallis, Byrd and Batten (intermediate): Some of the most gorgeous sacred music was  produced in England during the Renaissance and early Baroque periods. This class will sample works from three generations of English court composers: Thomas Tallis (ca. 1505  1585); William Byrd (ca. 1539/40 1623); and Adrian Batten (ca. 1591 ca. 1637)
Lisette Kielson:  "Consort Playing" (lower intermediate)  There's some great ensemble music out there that is not too hard for the less-experienced player! In this positive, low pressure, playing session we'll have fun exploring a great collection of renaissance dances. For soprano, alto, and tenor recorders.
Class music: Early Dance Music for Recorders (SSAT), Volumes 1 & 2 by Andrew Mayes (Magnamusic Distributors, P 001 and RMP 27)
Laura Kuhlman:  "It's all about the bass" Looking to hone your skills as a bass player? We will work on finger dexterity, articulation, breathing all while reading some enchanting solos, duets and trios. Come with questions and an open mind to all the possibilities of the bass recorders. If you need a bass, we can get you one!  All levels welcome.
Mona Mann:  "Beginner Recorder"   Do you need help 'feeling' simple and compound meter? Would you like reinforcement on rhythms, and how to practice effectively? Would you like time to work with C fingerings, and possibly start on F fingerings? In this class, we will work through small ensemble pieces while helping you feel secure as you progress on the recorder.
Holly Mauer:  "The William Simmes Phantazias for 5 Viols"  We'll play a few of the Fantasys for 5 viols by the English composer, William Simmes (c.1575-c.1625). Little is known of the composer and few pieces remain other than these lovely fantasies. Each of the seven use one or more of the typical fantasy techniques of imitation, chromaticism and texture changes. Expect some rhythmic challenges, string crossings and surprising accidentals in these very playable consort pieces. Open to Intermediate and up Viols.
Dale Taylor:         "Techniques for learning new fingerings and clefs."
        If you want to learn a new fingering system (C or F or G or?) or a new clef, such as bass clef in either C or F (or G) fingerings, this class will help you overcome the fears with techniques which make it easier. All levels.
Gayle Neuman:  "Hans Leo Hassler, the Master of Nuremburg" (Intermediate)
A pupil of Andrea Gabrieli and a friend of Giovanni Gabrieli, Hassler brought the Venetian style across the Alps in a large varied body of work including madrigals, canzonettes, and balletts, along with German Lieder, dances and sacred works.  He successfully combined the traditional style of German music with new innovations from Italy and created his own unique musical approach that made him, according to Gustave Reese, "one of the most important German composers of all time."
Phil Neuman:  "Composers of African Descent"  (Recorders and strings, Upper Intermediate and Advanced Levels)  In this class we will explore over 300 years of great music by composers of African descent from the 18th through the 20th centuries from France, England, Canada and the United States.  These will include Joseph Bologne Chevalier de Saint-George, Ignatius Sancho, Francis Johnson, Aaron Conner, James Bland, the Snowden Family, Henry Thacker Burleigh, Harry P. Guy, Robert Nathaniel Dett, Scott Joplin, Duke Ellington and more, encompassing classical, romantic, ragtime and jazz genres. .
Patrick O'Malley:  "The Outlander Effect"  Inspired by the popular Netflix series, Outlander, in which an English woman from the 20th century accidentally travels back in time to 18th-century Scotland. We will play English Suite by Howard Ferguson (1986, publ. Forsyth Brothers), and selections from A Collection of Old Scots Tunes, published in 1742 by Francesco Barsanti and arranged for recorder trio by C. Nagel (Old Scottish Songs, Cheap Trills). All music is for SAT recorders.
Gail Ann Schroeder:  Dance the night away!  (Intermediate Viols) Play the pavans, galliards and almains by favorite composers of Renaissance dance music, including John Dowland and Anthony Holborne. Find out how to make a pavan sound like an entrada and a galliard sound like a lively dance.
Katherine Shuldiner:  "Beginner Class" This is the perfect opportunity to try the Viola da gamba. This class is for absolute beginners who are interested in exploring a new instrument
Karen Snowberg:  "Wind Band"  (all levels) Courtly shenanigans and soaring sacred compositions for cornetti, sackbuts, shawms, racketts, dulcians, and capped reeds.
Mona Mann:  "Keetman's greatest hits!" (Lower Intermediate)  Are you curious about elemental music for recorder? Come explore the little-known works of Gunild Keetman for recorder ensemble. This is some of the most beautiful, modal music of the Orff-Schulwerk, and most people haven't heard of it. Spend an evening working through some of Keetman's greatest hits!
Dale Taylor:  "The Smallest Ensemble" (Lower Intermediate & Above) Most surviving Renaissance duets are found in manuscripts, and they appear to have been intended for masters to play with their apprentices as part of their musical training. As such, they often contain subtle and advanced problems. But there are two collections of material published for the new amateur market, and these provide some wonderful music for the smallest recorder ensemble. We'll examine some of this repertoire, and spend some time working on the finer points of ensemble playing which become all important when playing in such a small ensemble. Whether you only have one friend to play with or want to polish your skills, this will be a great class without needing the technique to play baroque duets.
Todd Wetherwax:  Musica Chromatica (Marenzio, Gesualdo, Monteverdi and some English too)
Pamela Wiese:   "Beginner Recorder"  We will meet as a group, play through the first few lessons in the "Recorder Guide" and set up schedules for the A sessions on Saturday and Sunday.