How to Get to Whitewater
The University of WisconsinWhitewater is in south central Wisconsin off of Main Street (Hwy. 12).

From Chicago:  I90 to Milton exit, 26 North to 59 East to Whitewater, OR I-294/94 to Rt. 50-West to Rt. 12-West  to Whitewater

From Milwaukee:  894/43 to 43 South to 20 to Rt. 12

From Madison:  I90 to Hwy. 59, OR 1218 to Rt. 12

To get to the dorms, drive north on N. Prairie St. from Rt. 12
When I get to Whitewater...
When you arrive at the campus, you may check in at the Wells-west dormitory.
There are 2 parking lots you can use, the Tufts-Wellers or Wells residence halls lots (#19 or #20 on the campus map).  The dormitory address is:  471 North Prairie Street, Whitewater, WI 53190  The map is at: www.uww.edu/campus-info/map-and-directions.

Check in at the Wells-east dormitory.  After 6:30 p.m., please come to the Center for the Arts. Program begins at 7 at the Center for the Arts.
Check-in and Room Information
Check-in will be in the lobby of Wells-west dormitory.  Check-in time is from 4:30 p.m. until 6:30 p.m.  You will pay any outstanding fees with cash, check or credit card.  You will receive your room assignment and key (if you are not a commuter), meal ticket, and registration materials including your name badge.  Lodgers will also pick up their linen packet.

Your linens include: 2 sheets, 2 towels and wash cloths, and 1 thin blanket.  BRING YOUR OWN PILLOW AND PILLOW CASE.

These rooms are in an older style dormitory with facilities "down the hall" and are not air conditioned.  Since this is not a hotel, no toiletries are provided so remember to bring your own.  If it is warm you may also want to bring a small fan for your comfort.  Depending upon the weather and your personal needs you wish to bring your own blanket. 

If you arrive after 6:30 p.m., please come directly to the Center for the Arts.  Our program starts there at 7.

No cooking is permitted in the dormitory.  UW does not provide Wi-Fi access.
All buildings are handicap accessible.  There is no smoking in the buildings.
Meals at EMF
Meals are served in the cafeteria.  There is no meal on Friday night, see the link below for information on local restaurants.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served on Saturday; breakfast and lunch on Sunday.  Meal times are indicated on your schedule.

Most dietary restrictions can be accommodated by the cafeteria.

No cooking is permitted in the dormitory.

Traveling to the Center for the Arts
It is a walk across campus from the dorm and dining hall to the Center for the Arts.  Be prepared to bring all your instruments, etc. between these areas.  There is parking adjacent to the Center for the Arts .  The address is:  950 W. Main Street
Please remember to bring a music stand

Friday night begins at 7 with an organizational meeting where all will be revealed!  Following the meeting there are sessions with the EMF staff for which you will have registered previously.  After the formal sessions, there are always ad-hoc groups playing together just for the fun of it.

provides you with two sessions in the morning and two in the afternoon.  The A and B sessions you registered for will each meet once after breakfast and again after lunch.  There is a special group event with playing and sharing in the evening followed by another opportunity to play your insturments with friends.

has another A & B session after breakfast.  Sunday lunch is at noon with checkout from 1:00 to 2:00 pm.