We have chosen to use a more modern dormitory after feedback about Wells Hall.
 We will be staying in Ma'iingan (My-ing-en) Hall.  The rooms have a suite design, each suite having two bedrooms and a shower/toilet room. Each bedroom can accommodate 1 or 2 people and has it's own lockable door.  Keys for the bedrooms also unlock the hall door to the suite.  There is a spacious lounge on each residential floor as well as a welcoming entrance to the building.  We will continue to have our meals in the same cafeteria as before. 
Here is a link to UW-W website for Ma'iingan Hall:  https://www.uww.edu/housing/residencehalls/hall-tours/maiingan
The University requires that we fill the suites. For instance we cannot house one individual or couple in a suite.  However, the advantage of this dorm arrangement is that you will not have to share restrooms with everyone on the floor.  Although you will share a common area in the suite, your sleeping accommodation and suite restroom are private and secure.

To qualify for the "Double" fee (2 participants sharing one bedroom of the suite) you must name your roommate when you register.  Your roommate must register separately naming you as a roommate.  As before, EMF will not assign roommates. 

We will assign "single room" participants to same gender suites depending upon space availability.        

We will do our best to accommodate singles or doubles who wish to be suite mates depending upon space availability.