James Chaudoir  "Lou Harrison: Serenade for Three Recorders" (SAT).  This is an original recorder composition by one of America's leading composers of the 20th century.  Composed in 1943, it was not published until 1996.  Serenade consists of three short movements in classical forms, and makes use of close dissonances, repetitive figures, and careful use of articulation.  There are a few scalar flourishes in all parts, used as non-rhythmic gestures, and imitative (motific) writing in all movements.  It is scored in traditional notation with no use of extended techniques.  2017 is the centennial of Harrison's birth.
Mark Davenport:  "LaNoue's Greatest Hits"
        Tallis, Byrd and Batten (intermediate): Some of the most gorgeous sacred music was  produced in England during the Renaissance and early Baroque periods. This class will sample works from three generations of English court composers: Thomas Tallis (ca. 1505  1585); William Byrd (ca. 1539/40 1623); and Adrian Batten (ca. 1591 ca. 1637)
David Echelard  Rounds and Canons for all voices and any instruments.
Shelley Gruskin:  Confirmation of the Cantus Firmus: some clever compositions based on the C.F. structure.
Lisette Kielson:  "Music by Arvo Pärt"  By the 1970's this Estonian composer was fairly popular, well-known, and often-performed. Born in 1935, Pärt journeyed through many compositional styles including neo-classical and serial--exploring the dichotomy of "modern" dissonance with baroque-style consonance and referencing early music and Gregorian chant--before he created his very own minimalistic tonal style.

We will get a sense of his "tintinnabulation" in the selections below:
Summa, 1977 (SAAT or TBBgB) - Universal Edition [UE 33030]
Da Pacem Domine (SATB) - Universal Edition [UE 33704]
Pari intervallo, 1976/1980 (SATB) Universal Edition [UE 17444]
Laura Kuhlman:  "Bagpipes" If you have been Jonesing to get your hands on a set of bagpipes, now is the time! I will have a limited number of pipes to lend but we can all get the drones and chanters singing by then end of the class. For those that play already, I will have a new set of tunes we can try together. Come on, I know you want to try!
Dale Taylor:         "Techniques for learning new fingerings and clefs."
        If you want to learn a new fingering system (C or F or G or?) or a new clef, such as bass clef in either C or F (or G) fingerings, this class will help you overcome the fears with techniques which make it easier. All levels.
Gayle Neuman:  "A Session with the Reed Doctor"  I'll help guide you to a new understanding of that necessary, but sometimes trying part of your crumhorn, dulcian, rackett, shawm, etc.  I will address your reed questions for cane and plastic reeds for both open and windcapped instruments.  Maintenance, adjustment, intonation, squeaking, dynamics, range, etc. can be explored. 
Open to all.
Phil Neuman:  "A thinker with a gift of eloquence" The Music of Erik Satie.  An all new selection of wonderfully eccentric pieces from the mind who brought us "Genuine Flabby Preludes for a Dog," including "Unpleasant Glimpses," "Things Seen to the Right and to the Left (without glasses)," "Jack in the Box," "The Snare of Medusa," and "Bureaucratic Sonatine."
Patrick O'Malley:  "How to Write Your Own Ticket"  Would you like to play recorder along with a friend who plays guitar or piano? Would you like to add a special recorder part to a hymn, folk song, or pop tune? Like a true early musician, you can learn how to blur the line between composer and performer. We'll cover the basics of chords, melody, harmony, and countermelody. No prior music theory experience needed. It's easy.
Laura Osterlund:  A sampling of 20th-century Jazz standards cleverly arranged for recorder consort. Our session will focus on ensembleship while tackling some of the rudiments of making jazz arrangements musical. Recommended for intermediate recorder players.
Katherine Shuldiner:  "Viola da Gamba"  (all levels)  This class will make sure to get our viola da gamba juices flowing. We will use this one time class opportunity to warm up for the weekend with exercises and some easy playing.
Karen Snowberg:  "Loud Band"  (all levels) Courtly shenanigans and soaring sacred compositions for cornetti, sackbuts, shawms, racketts, dulcians, and capped reeds.
Dale Taylor: "Music from the Cancionero de Palacio"  This year IMSLP released the facsimile of Cancionero Musical de Palacio, the court repertory of Ferdinand and Isabella. I have begun the long process of transcribing a new complete edition. Early in the manuscript are a number of works of very different character from the well-known villancicos from this manuscript. We'll spend the evening working up a few of these beautiful works. Mostly A(8)TB instrumentation.

Todd Wetherwax:  Musica Chromatica (Marenzio, Gesualdo, Monteverdi and some English too)
Pamela Wiese:   "Beginner Recorder"  We will meet as a group, play through the first few lessons in the "Recorder Guide" and set up schedules for the A and B sessions on Saturday and Sunday.