Joanna Blendulf:   Gems from the Odhecaton, including secular chansons by Josquin, Agricola and Brumel. Mixed consort. Intermediate
James Chaudoir:  Steve Marshall: Three Recorder Blues (SATBB) Intermediate
If you've never played the music of Steve Marshall, this 2003 piece offers a wonderful opportunity to get acquainted with his creative work.  These clever movements feature idiomatic elements associated with different style of blues; swing jazz, slow jazz, and up-beat jazz-rock.  Expect to play some syncopated rhythms and a bit of chromaticism.
Mark Davenport:  "LaNoue's Greatest Hits"
        Tallis, Byrd and Batten (intermediate): Some of the most gorgeous sacred music was  produced in England during the Renaissance and early Baroque periods. This class will sample works from three generations of English court composers: Thomas Tallis (ca. 1505  1585); William Byrd (ca. 1539/40 1623); and Adrian Batten (ca. 1591 ca. 1637)
David Echelard  Madrigals for all voices and instruments.
Julie Elhard: "Bring on the Bach" - "Es ist der alte Bund" from Cantata 106.  (Intermediate - advanced)  Arranged by Julie Elhard for recorders and viols, this chorus from "Gottes Zeit ist die allerbeste Zeit" (Cantata 106) shows Bach's mastery of dissonance and his intricate counterpoint. The cantata was originally written for 2 flauto dolce, 2 viola da gamba, singers and continuo. It was also called, "Actus Tragicus", since it serves as a funeral cantata. As with many of Bach's works, there is always a happy ending!
Shelley Gruskin:   Baroque flutes, all levels  In this hour we will learn techniques to bring your flute playing to the next level. Come with specific questions or just learn some new approaches to playing this wonderful instrument. There will be a couple flutes available if you want to try playing.
Eric Haas:   "Renaissance Flute Consort"   (At least some flute experience is required) We will explore the 1533 Attaingnant print 'Vingt et sept chansons musicales', the earliest printed music designated for flute consort, along with related settings and other 'greatest hits' of the 16th century.  I will bring additional flutes for those who need to borrow an instrument
Lisette Kielson: Tomaso Albinoni's Sinfonie a cinque, op.2 (upper intermediate) Successful in his lifetime as an operatic composer (He wrote 81!), Albinoni (1671-1751) is recognized today for his instrumental music. This session will be devoted to arrangements of his wonderful op. 2 collection of string chamber sonatas (#'s I and II in G Major and C Major, respectively). Although the online edition is arranged for ninoSATB recorders, we will play these great sonatas on AATTB. For upper intermediate recorder, wind, and string players at A=440.
Class music can be found online at:
Click on 'Arrangements and Transcriptions' for 5 Recorders
Dale Taylor:         "Techniques for learning new fingerings and clefs."
        If you want to learn a new fingering system (C or F or G or?) or a new clef, such as bass clef in either C or F (or G) fingerings, this class will help you overcome the fears with techniques which make it easier. All levels.
Laura Kuhlman:  "A taste of Andrew Charlton"  (Open to all levels of recorders and strings)  The mastermind behind such delightful works like "Pipe Dreams", "Royal Flush", "Commodious Rag" and more. Charlton developed a special interest in early music during his musical researches and quickly became a virtuoso of the recorder family. A large number of his compositions and arrangements are scored for the recorder ensemble.
Gayle Neuman:  "Take the a' = 415 Train!"  (Intermediate and advanced)  Let's meet at the station and make sure to pack your low pitch instruments to play some wonderful gems from the 17th and 18th century.  For all a' = 415 instruments including recorder, violin, viola, viol, cello, baroque flute, baroque oboe, cor anglais, baroque bassoon, etc.  Composers will include J.C. Pepusch, J.P. Kirnberger, and Johann Mattheson.
Phil Neuman:  "Machaut and the Wild World of the Fumeurs"  (For advanced and upper intermediate recorder players who like a challenge)  Enter the humorous, ironic sphere of the movement led by "Jehan Fumée" (Eustache Deschamps, the self proclaimed King of the Fumeurs) with the stunning and incredibly complex music inspired by the legacy of Guillaume de Machaut.  We will work on pieces from the repertoire of the 14th century French ars nova and ars subtilior, as well as Cypriot music from the court of King Janus.
Patrick O'Malley:  "I Got Rhythm"  (Intermediate)  Improve your rhythm skills, including: how to properly use a metronome, how to subdivide beats, how to identify and play a hemiola, and exploring complex units like septuplets. Music examples will come from an Adagio by Corelli, the 14th-century Ars subtilior period, and fun duets by Sören Sieg.
Katherine Shuldiner:  "Beginner  viola da gamba class"
Karen Snowberg:  "Wind Band"  (all levels) Courtly shenanigans and soaring sacred compositions for cornetti, sackbuts, shawms, racketts, dulcians, and capped reeds.
Mona Mann:  "Keetman's greatest hits!" (Lower Intermediate)  Are you curious about elemental music for recorder? Come explore the little-known works of Gunild Keetman for recorder ensemble. This is some of the most beautiful, modal music of the Orff-Schulwerk, and most people haven't heard of it. Spend an evening working through some of Keetman's greatest hits!
Pamela Wiese:   "Beginner Recorder"  We will meet as a group, play through the first few lessons in the "Recorder Guide" and set up schedules for the A sessions on Saturday and Sunday.
Todd Wetherwax:  Musica Chromatica (Marenzio, Gesualdo, Monteverdi and some English too)